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Meanwhile, Maw and Paw Hicks are sittina€™ throughout the porch move talkin bout the good ol days whenever maw spots the biggest bird she actually ever seen!

a€?Look on measurements of that bird, Paw!a€? she exclaims.

Paw increases right up,a€? Git my weapon, Maw.a€?

She runs into your house, brings forth their pump shotgun. He takes mindful goal. BANGa€¦BANGa€¦..BANGa€¦..BANG! The monster proportions bird continues to cruise silently around tree surfaces.

a€?In my opinion ya skipped your, Paw,a€? she says.

a€?Yeah,a€? the guy replies, a€?but at the very least the guy let go of Bubba!a€?

8 Counting Birds Redneck Design

A redneck views another redneck carrying a bag. He prevents him and claims: a€?Hi pal what do you may have where bag?a€?

Another responses: a€?chickens, why?a€?

The most important says: a€?If i suppose what amount of birds you got where case truth be told there should I have one?a€?