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Need a 4 Prong Dryer retailer For another Dryer? An Electrician Can Really Help!

Therefore, you’ve merely bought another dryer due to the fact outdated one broke. The delivery guys just fell it off, now you are ready to unplug the existing one, and plug the new one in. But there’s a catch (like most things in life): the old dryer had been using a 3-prong socket, https://datingmentor.org/escort/burbank/ plus newer dryer wire requires a 4-prong outlet. do not stress! An authorized electrician can put in another 4-prong dryer socket to suit your brand new dryer. Let’s clarify the reason why you might still posses a 3-prong dryer socket, and why employing a licensed electrician can be your smartest choice for changing they with a 4-prong retailer.

4-Prong Dryer Socket Construction – KB Electrical LLC

So why do Now I Need a 4-Prong Dyer Retailer For My Personal Brand-new Dryer?

You’ll need a 4-prong outlet for your new dryer because it’s necessary for the NEC (state Electronic rule) that dryers must certanly be plugged into a 4-prong socket for security precautions. We shall discuss precisely why this is exactly expected shortly.

Homes created before 1996 had 3-prong retailers installed for dryers because at that time, it was acceptable. Following this, the NEC changed the code. Anytime your own house was created before 1996 and no you have changed their dryer socket considering that the quarters is built, it’s most likely that the dryer still is operating with a 3-prong outlet.