General Uses including Out Patient, Home Care and Long Term Care Facilities

Using pH to confirm NG/OG tube placement is Evidenced Based Best Practice

Immediate confirmation of gastric acidity for NG/OG tube placement, without exposure to x-ray or visit to the Emergency Department (ED).

2005 and 2010, 45% of all cases of harm caused by a misplaced NGT reported by the United Kingdom’s National Patient Safety Agency were due to misinterpreted X-rays.

RightSpotpH® and RightSpotpH® SmallBore

No Special Equipment Needed

  • Immediate confirmation of gastric acidity for confirming tube placement may improve patient care and reduce trips to the ED.
  • Can be used in ANY environment from hospital, clinic, outpatient facilities to home care.
  • No radiation exposure
  • If your hospital is reimbursed for bedside glucose testing, reimbursement may also be available for RightSpotpH® indicators with CPT Code 83986QW

We invite you to read the growing body of evidence that supports using pH to confirm gastric tube placement.

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