Confirming Feeding Tube Placement: RightSpotpH® Indicators vs. CO2

Ensuring proper feeding tube placement is critical for patient safety. However, the most common confirmation methods, like auscultation, measurement of gastric residuals, and pH paper testing, have significant drawbacks in accuracy, sterility, and ease of use.

The RightSpotpH® Indicator offers a superior verification solution that improves patient outcomes by reducing misplaced tubes. RightSpotpH®is the only FDA-cleared, CLIA-waived product explicitly designed for pH testing to confirm placement.

In this post, we compare key aspects of RightSpotpH® to CO2 detection to showcase why RightSpotpH® is the new gold standard for safe, simple feeding tube placement confirmation.

Unmatched Accuracy Protects Patients

Ensuring the proper placement of feeding tubes is critical. Misplaced tubes can have severe consequences if feeding begins in the wrong location. Patients relying on mechanical ventilation or sedation are especially vulnerable.

The RightSpotpH® Indicator provides reliable accuracy over 98% of the time to properly distinguish gastric from respiratory placement. Extensive clinical studies validate RightSpotpH’s precision in correctly identifying stomach acidity.

By contrast, the accuracy of CO2 detection varies significantly from 73-93%, depending on the clinician’s technique. This unpredictability means a higher likelihood of false positives from incorrect placements. Non-regulated verification methods also need to show better specificity.

Simply put, RightSpotpH® delivers unmatched accuracy that gives you confidence you correctly verify gastric placement and protect vulnerable patients.

Sterile Design Safeguards Patients & Staff

Patient and healthcare worker safety is paramount. The fully enclosed RightSpotpH® system eliminates your exposure to fluids during verification.

This fully enclosed system makes RightSpotpH® safer as it removes the need for protective equipment during testing and aspiration. By contrast, CO2 testing requires you to interact when syringes disconnect post-aspiration, increasing infection risks.

The use of X-rays to confirm the proper placement of feeding tubes should be strictly limited to minimize the risks associated with radiation exposure. It’s imperative to avoid other options that increase infection risks due to contamination from open systems. However, RightSpotpH’s contained cartridge design drastically reduces such risks during confirmation.

Are You Ready to Try the RightSpotpH Indicator?

During confirmation, timeliness helps avoid complications from feeding delays. The intuitive, all-in-one RightSpotpH® device streamlines verification for quicker confirmation at the bedside.

The self-contained, integrated cartridge means faster preparation without gathering extra materials or components. CO2 detection relies on several pieces – syringe, tubing, and the detector itself.

Training needs are also lower with the straightforward RightSpotpH® system than with the proper CO2 detection technique. The simple workflow reduces user errors that negatively impact results.

RightSpotpH® is the New Standard

Proper placement is too important to rely on outdated, risky methods. The RightSpotpH® Indicator offers a faster, safer, and more accurate verification solution at the bedside.

To learn more, visit or contact our team. Join the leading hospitals choosing RightSpotpH® as their new standard for optimal feeding tube placement confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is RightSpotpH?

RightSpotpH® has an industry-leading accuracy rate of over 98% for distinguishing gastric vs respiratory placement. Clinical studies validate its precision in pH testing.

Does RightSpotpH® replace other confirmation methods?

RightSpotpH® offers a superior alternative to outdated, risky methods like auscultation or pH paper testing. It’s the first FDA-cleared product explicitly designed for NG/OG tube placement confirmation by pH.

How does the cost compare to other options?

RightSpotpH® Indicators cost far less than X-rays. The efficiency also saves costs associated with misplaced tubes. RightSpotpH® aligns with reimbursement incentives for quality care.

Can RightSpotpH® be used on all patient groups?

Yes, RightSpotpH® has been proven effective across neonates, pediatrics, and adults. Its accuracy remains reliable regardless of patient condition, unlike less predictable CO2 testing.

Is special training or equipment required?

No special equipment is needed, and clinician training requirements are minimal. The intuitive design and workflow make RightSpotpH® testing easy to adopt into existing protocols.

How long does RightSpotpH® placement verification take?

The complete RightSpotpH® verification process takes less than one minute, faster than other methods that require gathering materials. The self-contained cartridge simplifies preparation for quick confirmation.

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