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Gastric acidity verification for NG suction, feeding and PEG tubes to assist in proper placement

Faulty feeding and suction tube placement is the source of 
severe patient injury or death in a large number of patients

  • 12.6 million tubes placed in the US alone in 2012
  • 0.5-2% are misplaced*
  • Consequences are severe, often leading to death
  • Existing technologies are: expensive, inaccurate, limited to acute treatment environments

RightSpot indicators are inexpensive and allow clinicians to improve treatment while saving hospitals critical resources. Using pH for verification of placement can:

  • Decrease clinican exposure to bodily fluids
  • Avoid messy, unsafe, and inaccurate pH paper measurement
  • Reduce number of X-rays to determine placement
  • Reduce patient exposure to radiation

  • Determine placement instantly, regardless of treatment environment
  • Decrease patient turn-around time in the ER
  • Avoid critical events and enhance clinician certainty

RightSpot is a small, non-invasive in vitro diagnostic device that is used to verify gastric acidity to avoid misplacement of nasogastric feeding/suctions tubes and PEG tubes. The RightSpot indicator is placed on the tube and gastric fluid is aspirated; a pH below 4.5 would indicate gastric acidity. This method is simple, inexpensive and results are instant: Right measurement, right away.

Currently, many hospitals use only auscultation to determine if these tubes are in the correct place. This method has proven to be inadequate. In a published study in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, “Auscultation alone was ineffective as a confirmatory test with only 6.3% specificity.”

Using X-ray for tube placement verification is very expensive and time consuming and is limited in terms of where it can be used. While pH measurement has become standard of practice to ensure appropriate placement, RightpH offers the first safe and efficient technologies for pH measurement.

Misplaced tubes cause significant morbidity and mortality and cost medical providers millions of dollars. From 2001 to 2011, in one metropolitan area (Chicago) alone, medical providers have paid over 10 million dollars to resolve lawsuits filed for injuries and deaths caused by misplaced NG feeding and suction tubes.

RightSpot pH indicator from RightpH help clinicians put science into decision-making and increase certainty about tube placement and treatment decisions. At the same time, RightpH indicators help hospitals save important resources by reducing malpractice claims, improve treatment and position themselves as leaders in patient safety and clinician practice conditions.  

For single patient use only. Latex free

CPT Code: 83986QW

* J.B. Pillai et al.,”Thoracic complications of nasogastric tube: review of safe practice” Interactive CardioVascular and Thoracic Surgery (2005) 429-433

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