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The RightSpotpH product line, which provide immediate confirmation of gastric acidity during NG tube insertion and orogastric tube placement

RightBio Metrics is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with reliable and innovative solutions for NG/OG tube placement confirmation. With our RightSpotpH® Indicators, you can confidently implement evidence-based best practices for confirming gastric placement, ensuring patient safety and accurate treatment. Sign up for a personal demonstration to learn how our RightSpotpH® Indicators can revolutionize your clinical practice.

When you schedule a personalized demonstration of our RightSpotpH® Indicators, you will gain valuable insights into:

  1. The science behind RightSpotpH® Indicators: Understand how our indicators leverage the emerging global standard of pH measurement for accurate tube placement confirmation.

  2. The ease of use: Learn how to seamlessly incorporate RightSpotpH® Indicators into your clinical workflow, allowing for quick and precise verification of NG/OG tube placement.

  3. Adaptability across various settings: Discover the versatility of RightSpotpH® Indicators, designed for neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients, as well as compatibility with small-bore feeding tubes and ENFit connectors.

  4. Improved patient safety: See firsthand how our FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived RightSpotpH® Indicators help reduce the risk of complications and harm caused by misplaced NG/OG tubes.

  5. Ongoing support and education: Learn about the resources and support available to help you and your team confidently implement RightSpotpH® Indicators in your practice.

Experience the RightSpotpH® Indicators firsthand by booking a personalized demo. Gain insights on how these innovative devices can contribute to improved patient care and safety within your healthcare environment.

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