Case Study

NICU Nurse Compares RightSpotpH to pH Paper

The attached photo shows a test I performed on a patient with continuous feeds. Patient vomited and pushed his OG tube out so a new tube had to be placed.

Tube was placed and PH was taken using RightspotpH® indicator on 10 mL BD syringe. PH indicator immediately turned to a gold color closely matching that of 4.5 or less. I pulled several mL’s through indicator and removed indicator to place drops on PH paper. PH paper Lot # 208515 Exp 3/30/18 initially had zero color change. I took the attached photo several minutes later after finishing securing OG and the paper still had little to no change. The residual I pulled from patient stomach was tan/white partially digested formula.

Conclusion from initial use of RightSpotpH® indicator is that it is a much more accurate and reliable way to test PH. Without this indicator I would have had to rely on other means to identify placement of this tube.

I will continue to seek other opportunities to further evaluate this product.

Professionals Who Use RightSpotpH®


“The RightSpotpH® Indicator is easy to use and appropriately indicated tube placement”

Dr. Gregory J. Jurkovich, MD,
Chief of Surgery, Denver Health Medical Center,
Former President of the American Board of Trauma Surgeons

“For me, placing NG tubes has been a challenge because until now there was no clear scientific verification method available outside of x-ray. That uncertainty causes great anxiety among nurses and people placing NG tubes in infants. RightSpot Infant is the only technology that allows clinicians to use safe and accurate aspirate pH measurement in their decision-making when placing NG tubes.”

Holly Davidson, RN, MSN,
Clinical Researcher at Phoenix Children’s Hospital,
Former NICU Nurse

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