NG Tube Insertion Indicator in the ER

Using pH to Confirm NG/OG Tube Placement is Evidenced-Based Best Practice

Immediate confirmation of gastric acidity for NG tube insertion and orogastric  tube placement, without the cost or exposure to x-ray.

In 2005 and 2010, 45% of all cases of harm caused by misplaced NG/OG tubes reported by the United Kingdom’s National Patient Safety Agency were due to misinterpreted X-rays.


Immediate Confirmation

  • No radiation exposure
  • Significant cost savings vs. x-ray
  • Possible delays reading x-ray can compromise patient care, e.g. suction tubes accidentally placed against
    • Lungs tissue can cause a pneumothorax
    • Esophageal tissue can perforate
    • Post-pyloric can perforate
  • Reimbursement is available with CPT Code 83986QW.

Our ER solutions are designed to streamline and enhance the process of NG tube insertion and orogastric tube placement in emergency care settings and beyond. Our innovative products prioritize accuracy, efficiency, and patient safety, ensuring that medical professionals can confidently and effectively manage their patients’ needs. Explore our offerings and discover how RightBio Metrics can elevate your emergency department’s approach to NG/OG tube placement.

The RightSpotpH Indicator, used to safely and accurately check NG tube insertion and orogastric tube placement

We invite you to read the growing body of evidence that supports using pH to confirm gastric tube placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accurate NG tube insertion in the ER is essential to prevent complications and provide prompt care. Misplacement can lead to severe outcomes, especially in emergency situations where time is of the essence.

An NG tube indicator provides immediate feedback during the insertion process, ensuring that the tube is placed correctly in the stomach. This can help ER professionals act swiftly and confidently, especially in high-pressure situations.

NG tube ER procedures often deal with patients in critical conditions, making it challenging to ensure correct tube placement. The hustle and bustle of emergency settings, combined with the patient's condition, can increase the risk of misplacement.

Using an NG tube indicator is one of the most efficient ways to verify placement. It gives instant pH feedback, confirming that the tube is in the stomach and not mistakenly placed in the lungs or other areas.

An NG tube indicator offers a more immediate and objective way to check NG tube placement, especially valuable in the fast-paced ER environment.

By providing rapid and accurate confirmation of tube placement, the NG tube indicator minimizes risks like aspiration or tube misplacement in the lungs, ensuring a safer experience for the patient.

Though the NG tube indicator is designed to be user-friendly, it's crucial for ER staff to be trained adequately to maximize its benefits. While training is relatively quick with only a few simple steps, proper instructions for use ensure that the device is used effectively to enhance patient safety.

In cases where patients are unconscious, in respiratory distress, or when there's any uncertainty about the NG tube's position, the NG tube indicator proves invaluable. It provides quick and accurate verification, ensuring optimal patient care.

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