RightSpotpH Indicators For Point-of-Care Testing

Bringing Care Directly To Patients

By providing immediate results, point-of-care testing enables healthcare professionals to make quick, informed decisions about patient care. At RightBio Metrics, we understand the critical importance of accurate and timely point-of-care testing in medical settings. Our flagship product, the RightSpotpH® indicator, is designed to address one of the most challenging aspects of patient care: ensuring the correct placement of NG (Nasogastric) and OG (Orogastric) feeding tubes.

A hospital room with several devices that can help with point-of-care testing
A scale with various colors indicating pH of a substance, a necessary part of confirming NG tube placement

Transforming Patient Safety In Point-of-Care Testing

The traditional process of checking NG and OG tube placement can be complex, time-consuming, and even dangerous, often requiring healthcare professionals to rely on inefficient and unreliable tests. The RightSpotpH® indicator transforms this process, providing an immediate and reliable method for gastric pH testing at the point of care.

NG tube insertion and OG tube insertion are common procedures in healthcare settings, but they come with their own set of risks, the most significant being misplacement. The RightSpotpH® indicator provides immediate feedback during these processes, ensuring that the tubes are inserted in the correct location. This not only enhances patient safety but also improves the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

The RightSpotpH® indicator is designed for ease of use, making it a practical addition to any point-of-care testing environment. By providing immediate results on gastric pH, it eliminates the need for x-ray confirmation, offering a safer, quicker, and more cost-effective solution for verifying tube placement.

The RightSpotpH® indicator is transforming the way healthcare professionals check NG tube placement and check OG tube placement. By bringing gastric pH testing to the point of care, RightBio Metrics is making NG tube insertion and OG tube insertion safer and more efficient than ever before.

We invite you to further discover how pH testing can revolutionize gastric tube placement in point-of-care testing.

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