RightBio Metrics Video Library

Learn how to check NG tube placement accurately and safely with RightBio Metrics’ video tutorials. Discover our RightSpotpH® Indicator products and enhance patient care in various clinical settings.

RightBio Metrics Corporate Overview

This video serves as a corporate overview of RightBio Metrics, a company that specializes in the production of rapid, accurate, and affordable devices for using pH to confirm NG/OG tube placement for tubes intended to end in the stomach. 

The video features an interview with the company’s founder, as well as footage of the company’s flagship product, the RightSpotpH® Indicator. It also provides an overview of the company’s mission, values, and the clinical evidence for the efficacy of their solutions. Overall, the video serves as an introduction to RightBio Metrics and its mission to improve healthcare outcomes.


RightSpotpH®Indicators vs. pH Paper

The video focuses on comparing the RightBio Metrics RightSpotpH® Indicator with traditional pH paper, which is commonly used to test pH levels of aspirate when trying to confirm placement of an NG/OG tube. 

The video demonstrates the ease of use and accuracy of the RightSpotpH® Indicator compared to pH paper, and highlights several other benefits of using it. The video features commentary with the company’s key staff and footage of the RightSpotpH® Indicator in action. Overall, the video showcases the benefits of using RightBio Metrics’ innovative technology for pH testing and its potential impact on patient outcomes

RightSpotpH® Indicators - Instructions for Use

This is an instructional video that demonstrates the correct way to use the RightBio Metrics RightSpotpH® Indicator.

The video features a detailed, step-by-step guide on everything a clinician needs to know when using the RightSpotpH® Indicator, including attaching the device to your syringe, getting an accurate reading, disposing of the device safely, and extra precautions that should be taken.

NANN 2017 Symposium on Using pH to Confirm NG/OG Gastric Placement in the NICU

This video features a lecture from three highly-credentialed nurses on the use of enteral tubes in neonatal care in conjunction with the National Association of Neonatal Nurses.

The lecture addresses challenges associated with the use of enteral tubes in neonatal care, with the main focus on the different methods of NG/OG tube placement verification, and the unfortunate realities and consequences of NG/OG tube misplacement. The speakers also discuss some of the latest research and innovations in the field of neonatal care, and provide practical advice for healthcare providers who work with neonatal patients.

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