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The biggest return on investment is the reduction in complications that occur when NG/OG tubes are misplaced or dislodged and the cost associated with these complications. 

PEG tube, NG suction and feeding tube placement is one of the most dangerous procedures in medicine. Precautions must be taken to effectively reduce the number of misplaced tubes and the lawsuits that come from these misplacements. Taking precautions will lower the risk of misplacement and the cost to providers to settle these cases.

The following data was collected from LexisNexis Database. These cases range from 1993-2014. There were about 1,750 cases that were in some way related to placements of tubes; 412 of these cases directly stated that there was a misplacement issue. Of the 412 cases that related directly to the misplacement of NG/Suction/Peg tubes, 25 of them showed the settlement costs. We took the averages from the 25 settlements costs presented in the public suits.

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ROI Calculator

Using RightBio Metrics pH measurement products to confirm gastric acidity when placing and reverifying placement of NG feeding/suction and PEG tubes will help hospitals provide the highest quality of care while reducing the risk, time, and cost associated with current NG tube verification methods.  The average facility should be able to replace the X-ray 80% of the time. Right metrics, instantly, in any treatment environment are critical to outcomes as well as economics.


In order to get an accurate financial and time savings, you will need to insert three inputs into the calculator. The spreadsheet contains two worksheets: Instructions and ROI Calculator.

  1. The number of X-rays taken in a year to confirm placement and to reverify placement of NG suction/feeding and PEG tubes. If you do not know the number of X-rays taken to confirm placement you can enter the number of NG  feeding/suction tubes and PEG tubes purchased in a year.
  2. What it costs your facility to take  chest X-ray.
  3. The average amount of time in minutes that it takes to take an X-ray and have it read by a radiologist to confirm placement of NG feeding/suction tubes

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Use the link below to download the Excel ROI Calculator.