pH Testing for Tube Placement Across Ages

Proper placement of nasogastric (NG) and orogastric (OG) feeding tubes is critical across all age groups. However, current methods for confirming placement like auscultation and X-rays have a larger degree of inaccuracy and safety issues. This is especially problematic in vulnerable populations like pediatric and neonatal patients. Recent studies reveal that up to 56% of feeding tubes placed in these young patients end up misplaced, putting them at significant risk of harm.

At RightBio Metrics, we asked if there was a better way to promote safe, accurate tube placements for patients of any age. Our answer is the innovative RightSpotpH® Indicator. As the only FDA-cleared, CLIA-waived pH test for confirming gastric placement across all ages, RightSpotpH brings greater accuracy, safety, and regulatory compliance to the bedside.

Accurate Testing for Patients of All Ages

The RightSpotpH test reliably detects gastric acid to confirm tube placement in the stomach in patients from premature infants to the elderly. Studies across age groups validate RightSpotpH with an accuracy exceeding 98% when properly conducted.

RightSpotpH testing starts by aspirating 0.5 to 1 mL of fluid from the tube. The fluid is then applied to the RightSpotpH test strip, which changes color based on the acidity level to indicate gastric or non-gastric placement.


Safer Method Protecting All Patients

Unlike auscultation, RightSpotpH eliminates direct exposure to patients’ internal fluids, promoting safety. And without radiation, it avoids the excess imaging risks of X-rays. This makes it ideal for repeated ongoing testing, including for at-risk neonatal and pediatric patients undergoing long-term feeding.

By replacing outdated, less accurate methods, RightSpotpH helps prevent complications from misplaced tubes that can lead to death for the most vulnerable patients. The simple, reliable pH reading also reduces placement errors that require tube reinsertion attempts, limiting additional discomfort and risks.


Compliant Option for Any Age Group

RightSpotpH meets important regulations that ensure reliable accuracy across the lifespan:


The only FDA-cleared, CLIA-waived pH product to assist safe NG/OG placement confirmation in patients of all ages.


Avoids bodily fluid exposure risks to clinicians performing placements.

Laboratory Accreditation

CLIA-waived and requires no regular quality control for easy accreditation compliance.

Safeguarding Our Youngest Patients

At RightBio Metrics, we recognize the exceptional vulnerability of neonatal and pediatric patients undergoing long-term feeding regimens. Beyond our standard RightSpotpH test, we also provide the RightSpotpH® SmallBore Indicator designed specifically for verifying placement in the NICU.

The RightSpotpH SmallBore Indicator allows reliable pH testing of the narrow-diameter tubes unique to neonatal care. It safely checks gastric placement in tubes sized 10Fr or smaller used in this fragile patient population. Like the original version, SmallBore testing requires just a small fluid sample and provides rapid color-based results indicating tube location.

With prone-to-error blind insertion common for small-bore neonatal feeding tubes, pH validation gives caregivers at every level vital information to reduce misplacements. By optimizing NICU feeding tube safety from day one, the RightSpotpH SmallBore Indicator provides a crucial safeguard for the youngest, most medically fragile patients. 


Reliable Gastric Placement Across All Ages

Confirming proper gastric tube placement is critical regardless of a patient’s age. However, the current landscape of inaccurate auscultation and dangerous radiation imaging leaves patients vulnerable, especially young ones facing extended feeding regimens.

The RightSpotpH Indicator stands alone as the single best method for safe, accurate feeding tube placement confirmation in patients from neonates to adults. Replacing outdated protocols with simple, reliable pH testing protects patients of all ages.

Interested in the RightSpotpH Indicator for your health practice? Contact us today for a free live demo. 


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