Does the RightSpotpH Indicator Work on ENFit NG/OG Tubes?

The RightSpotpH Indicator provides one of the most dependable methods for testing nasogastric (NG) or orogastric (OG) tube placement. However, many who first learn about this incredible tool wonder about its compatibility. 

In this article, we’ll answer the question of whether or not the RightSpotpH Indicator works with ENFit NG/OG tubes. After that, we’ll touch on a few of the reasons why the RightSpotpH Indicator is so effective compared to other testing methods while also highlighting the importance of accurate placement testing in general.

Is the RightSpotpH Indicator Compatible with ENFit Feeding Tubes?

The RightSpotpH Indicator is compatible with multiple types of feeding tubes, including ENFit feeding tubes. However, if you want to ensure compatibility, you need to ensure you acquire the correct version of the RightSpotpH Indicator. Our RightSpotpH ENFit Indicators are perfectly compatible with ENFit NG/OG tubes and come with the same incredible benefits that all our other products feature. 

Benefits of Using pH to Test Feeding Tube Placement

Before committing to a pH indicator for a feeding tube, it is important to understand its compatibility. With that said, it is even more crucial to learn what makes for an excellent feeding tube placement test in the first place. The sections below will highlight the reasons why the RightSpotpH Indicator is the best option over competing placement testing methods. 

Instant Results

The first reason why the RightSpotpH Indicator is the best choice for testing NG/OG tube placement is that it provides nearly instant results. 

Not only will you have no need to travel to a medical facility for test tube placement, but you won’t need to depend on complicated tools and machinery to provide you with a result. Instead, the color-changing feature of the RightSpotpH Indicator will confirm the correct tube placement right away. 

No Need for Radiation

One of the leading methods for testing NO/OG tube placement is using an X-ray machine. While this approach tends to provide accurate results, it also comes with the downside of exposing your body to radiation. 

Since testing tube placement is something you’ll want to do regularly and exposing yourself to radiation is not, an X-ray is far from the best way to conduct repeated feeding tube placement tests. Fortunately, ph tests like the RightSpotpH Indicator don’t expose you to radiation at all. 

Excellent Accuracy

The unfortunate reality is that some studies show that 21 to 56% of tubes intended for the stomach end up elsewhere in the body. Since that is the case, it is no surprise that incredible accuracy is among the most crucial characteristics of any NG/OG placement test. 

Compared to other testing methods, the RightSpotpH indicator continually proves to have fantastic accuracy. This means that the RightSpotpH Indicator is not only incredibly convenient to use but also highly effective as well. 


Along with being inconvenient, other popular methods of feeding tube placement, like an X-ray, also tend to be quite expensive. If you need to repeatedly test the placement of a feeding tube, you may soon find you owe a considerable amount in medical bills. 

By contrast, using the RightSpotpH Indicator is a far more affordable way to confirm NG/OG tube placement. As such, pH tests are usually the best option for anyone who wants to use their feeding tube safely without spending an excessive amount of money. 

Easy to Use

Our final benefit of pH indicators as a means to confirm NG/OG tube placement is that they are incredibly easy to use. Other testing methods require the presence of a medical professional to ensure they unfold correctly. 

Unlike those methods, the RightSpotpH Indicator is entirely intuitive. Even if you have little to no medical background, you should have no issue reading the results of this pH test. In just a matter of moments, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether or not your NG/OG feeding tube’s placement is correct or requires and adjustment.

Importance of Testing NG/OG Tube Placement

Now that you have a better understanding of the RightSpotpH Indicator’s compatibility and main benefits, let’s discuss a few of the reasons why confirming NG/OG tube placement is so important in the first place. 

When someone uses a feeding tube, they depend on that tube to receive the fluids and nutrients they need to survive. However, when a feeding tube’s placement is incorrect, it will not only fail to function but may also pose a serious and potentially fatal health risk. Unfortunately, NG/OG tube misplacement is more common than you might guess. 

Since improper tube placement is so dangerous, it is important to test placement repeatedly throughout the use of the tube. Generally, it’s best to perform one of these tests just after placement as well as before using the tube for feeding. 

If you want to use an NG/OG tube as safely as possible, you’ll need to test it often using an accurate and dependable testing method. The RightSpotpH Indicator is the perfect example of a tool that can help you ensure proper feeding tube placement and safe use.

Are You Ready to Try the RightSpotpH Indicator?

When using an ENFfit NG/OG tube, it is important to find a tube placement method that is both compatible with your tube and highly effective. On both accounts, the RightSpotpH Indicator proves to be one of the best feeding tube placement tools you can find. 

At RightBioMetrics, our products strive to reduce dangerous instances of NG/OG tube placement. Along with RightSpotpH ENFit Indicators, we also offer the RightSpotpH SmallBore Indicator and the original RightSpotpH Indicator, all of which provide you with fast and accurate feeding tube placement test results. 

If you are interested in learning more about our products, their benefits, and how compatible they are with other common medical devices, feel free to reach out to us at your convenience. We’d be happy to provide you with a live demo of what our RightSpotpH Indicators can do.

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