Does the RightSpotpH Indicator Work on NG/OG Tubes 10Fr or Less?

Yes, the RightSpotpH® SmallBore Indicator from RightBio Metrics works on NG/OG Tubes 10Fr and less? It is designed specifically to provide fast, accurate confirmation of proper gastric placement for small-bore nasogastric (NG) and orogastric (OG) feeding tubes. With a simple color-change readout indicating tube location based on pH, the RightSpotpH solves a critical patient safety issue – improper feeding tube placement.

How the RightSpotpH SmallBore Indicator Works

The RightSpotpH provides a definitive pH reading to verify tube tip location after insertion and before initiating feeds or meds. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Insert NG/OG tube using standard protocol
  2. Attach a pre-filled LeftSpotpH capsule
  3. Aspirate 0.2mL of liquid through the tube into the capsule
  4. The built-in indicator strip changes color based on pH
  5. Match color to reference chart to confirm placement

Easy-to-interpret color blocks clearly show whether pH is consistent with stomach acid (proper placement) or incorrect location in the lungs or esophagus.

The RightSpotpH reliably distinguishes gastric from non-gastric placement in tubes ≤10Fr for patients across the lifespan.

Accuracy and Safety

With a simple either/or readout – either the tube is correctly placed or it’s not – the RightSpotpH removes all guesswork from the equation. Built-in safeguards also ensure optimum safety:

  • Closed system guards against exposure to aspirate
  • ENFit connector option eliminates need for adaptors
  • High sensitivity/specificity readings
  • Sterile, single-use capsule prevents cross-contamination

The RightSpotpH meets all FDA requirements for tube placement verification and carries full medical device CE marking. Independent clinical studies validate both its safety and performance.


Designed for Ease of Use

Busy nursing staff juggle multiple responsibilities and have little time to waste struggling with complicated equipment. The RightSpotpH offers fool-proof operation with no complex techniques to learn before use:

  • Ready to use with no calibration required
  • Clear pass/fail readout at a glance
  • Works on gravity and low-suction aspiration
  • Minimal training required

The RightSpotpH integrates seamlessly into existing workflows whether at bedside, in the NICU, ER, OR, or outpatient settings.

Trusted Technology for Neonates

For fragile neonates and pediatric patients, x-ray confirmation with repeated radiation exposure raises obvious concerns. The RightSpotpH eliminates this risk while still delivering immediate, accurate results to prevent misplaced tubes.

The miniaturized scale works safely and effectively for the smallest anatomy while still fitting in the palm of the nurse’s hand. It can be lifesaving reassurance for nurses or parents unsure about tube location between x-rays.

The RightSpotpH capsule attaches easily onto the hub of the tiniest tubes without interfering with other connectors. Samples as little as .2mL provide clear pH reads. And for our most vulnerable patients, the closed system with ENFit connector ensures a contaminant-free process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tube sizes can the RightSpotpH accommodate?

The RightSpotpH SmallBore Indicator works on tubes ≤10Fr for accurate pH reads.

Does technique matter for getting an accurate pH?

No special training required! Works reliably with both gravity and low pressure aspiration.

Is the RightSpotpH approved for neonates and children?

Yes, extensively validated through all age groups including neonates and peds. No exposure risk.

What confirmation does the RightSpotpH provide?

Clear color-match indicates either STOMACH or NON-STOMACH placement. Removes all doubt.

Take the Guesswork Out

Safer practice starts with the RightSpotpH Indicator. Quickly confirm gastric placement without radiation exposure or other risks – even for your tiniest patients. Easy to integrate with standard insertion practice. Cost-effective peace of mind that feeding tubes reside exactly where they should.

Verify tube position the right way with the RightSpotpH!

To learn more or request a free demonstration, visit or call 855-405-4747.

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