Emergency Department

Using pH to confirm NG/OG tube placement is Evidenced Based Best Practice

Immediate confirmation of gastric acidity for NG/OG tube placement, without the cost or exposure to x-ray.


2005 and 2010, 45% of all cases of harm caused by a misplaced NGT reported by the United Kingdom’s National Patient Safety Agency were due to misinterpreted X-rays.


Immediate Confirmation

  • No radiation exposure
  • Significant cost savings vs. x-ray
  • Possible delays reading x-ray can compromise replicas relojes panerai patient care, e.g. suction tubes accidentally placed against
    • Lungs tissue can cause a pneumothorax
    • Esophageal tissue can perforate
    • Post-pyloric can perforate
  • Reimbursement is available with CPT Code 83986QW.


We invite you to read the growing body of evidence that supports using pH to confirm gastric tube placement.


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