How The RightSpotpH® Indicator Reduces Costs

The RightSpotpH® Indicator from RightBio Metrics is the only FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived product designed specifically to confirm nasogastric (NG) and orogastric (OG) tube placement through pH testing. 

Transitioning to pH testing methodology for upfront placement confirmation provides multiple benefits over relying solely on x-rays. From enhanced safety to improved efficiency and significant cost savings, the RightSpotpH® Indicator truly optimizes the feeding tube placement process.

This article will explore in further detail how implementing the RightSpotpH® Indicator at your hospital can elevate quality of care while reducing expenses and administrative burdens. Keep reading to learn more about how this innovative technology can benefit your facility across various metrics to provide better outcomes for both patients and providers.

How The RightSpotpH® Indicator Lowers Costs

Here are the main ways the RightSpotpH® Indicator can reduce the overall costs of a medical facility.

Eliminates Need for X-Rays

Traditionally, healthcare professionals have relied on x-rays to confirm NG/OG tube placement. However, this process exposes patients to radiation and can be quite costly for facilities.

The RightSpotpH® Indicator provides a radiation-free method to validate placements through a simple pH test. By measuring gastric acidity directly, clinicians can instantly confirm proper tube positioning without transporting patients to radiology.

Enhances Patient Safety

Misplaced NG/OG tubes can lead to serious adverse events if not identified. The closed-system design of the RightSpotpH® Indicator safeguards both patients and staff from exposure during pH sampling. Its accuracy in determining tube position further prevents misadministration into the lungs and enhances care.

Quick & Efficient

The RightSpotpH testing methodology provides results in just 60 seconds. This rapid turnaround enables clinicians to promptly act on next steps, whether that involves repositioning the tube or beginning feedings. This efficiency gets patients the nutrition they need faster while allowing healthcare staff to maximize their time.


While x-rays can cost facilities hundreds of dollars per test, the RightSpotpH® Indicator offers a fraction-of-the-cost alternative. When accounting for the expenses related to radiology transport and clinical staff time, the savings really add up.

As an FDA-cleared medical device, facilities can also seek reimbursement for the RightSpotpH® Indicator tests just as with bedside glucose monitoring.

Simple Integration and Training

Transitioning to the RightSpotpH® Indicator for upfront confirmation of NG/OG tube placement is seamless for healthcare staff. The device is designed for quick and easy adoption within standard workflows:

No Special Equipment or Skills Needed

The self-contained, closed device requires no special tools or prior training. Nurses and technicians can intuitively obtain a pH reading just as they would utilize litmus paper or visual inspection today.

Readable Results

The distinct color change provides clear visual confirmation of proper tube placement based on gastric pH thresholds. No guessing or complex interpreting steps are required.

ENFit Compatibility

With ENFit compatibility, the RightSpotpH® Indicator integrates directly without annoying adapters. The familiar connector allows staff to efficiently obtain the pH sampling.

Minimal Cost

A simple, low-cost device makes ongoing use affordable even with daily patient testing across multiple departments. The cost savings begin instantly upon implementation.

Adoption of new protocols and technology can take time in complex healthcare environments, but the RightSpotpH® Indicator is designed to slot directly into existing workflows. By maintaining efficiency for bedside staff while greatly improving patient outcomes, this innovative solution delivers value from day one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key benefits of using the RightSpotpH® Indicator for NG/OG placement confirmation?

The main benefits are enhanced patient safety, faster results, and cost savings compared to x-ray confirmation. It also eliminates radiation exposure for patients.

How long does it take to get results with the RightSpotpH® Indicator?

You just need to wait around a minute to obtain a pH reading confirming proper placement.

Is the RightSpotpH® Indicator difficult for clinicians to use?

No, it is designed to be simple for healthcare staff to obtain a pH reading. The closed system requires no special training and ensures safe, efficient testing.

Can facilities seek reimbursement for using the RightSpotpH® Indicator?

Yes, hospitals and healthcare systems can seek reimbursement for RightSpotpH® tests just as with bedside glucose monitoring.

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