Come See RightBio Metrics at the SPN Annual Conference

Every year, the Society of Pediatric Nurses hosts the SPN Annual Conference to serve as a professional development opportunity for pediatric nurses and other healthcare professionals who work with children and their families. The conference also aims to provide attendees with the latest knowledge and best practices in pediatric nursing. This year the conference will take place April 26-29th in Pittsburgh, PA.

The team at RightBio Metrics will be also be at the conference at Booth #201, as the well-being of pediatric and neonatal patients is especially important to us. Roughly a quarter of all hospitalized children have an NG tube, and of those children, 60% are being cared for in the NICU. Children are especially vulnerable to harm caused by incorrect placement of NG tubes. Common methods of confirming NG tube placement are inaccurate–published studies report that up to 56% of feeding tubes placed in pediatric and neonatal patients are not in their intended location. This can lead to harmful and costly outcomes.

The RightBio Metrics RightSpotpH Indicator offers a method of NG/OG tube placement confirmation that is simple, cost-effective, and safer for patients and providers. The SPN Conference this year would be a great opportunity for those wishing to know more about this technology and how we’re improving patient safety for our most vulnerable patient population. Come say hello at the show, or feel free to get in touch with us today for more information.

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