Transforming Safety in Feeding Tube Placement with RightSpotpH® Indicator

Ensuring proper feeding tube placement is critical for patient health and safety. However, the traditional methods of confirming placement can be complicated, time-consuming, and unreliable. At RightBio Metrics, our flagship product RightSpotpH® is revolutionizing Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) for feeding tube placement confirmation.

Understanding the Risks of Misplaced Feeding Tubes

Feeding tubes like nasogastric (NG) and orogastric (OG) tubes play an essential role in healthcare, allowing delivery of medication, hydration, and nutrition when oral intake is not possible. However, insertion of these tubes carries significant risks—most notably, the possibility of improper placement into the lungs or intestines rather than the stomach. This dangerous tube misplacement can lead to severe complications if it goes undetected prior to feeding attempts.

Traditionally, confirmation of proper tube positioning involved inefficient processes like X-ray imaging or aspirate testing. These methods not only delay feeding but also fail to detect misplacement in some cases. Any delay in identifying improper positioning puts patients at further risk.

How RightSpotpH® Safely Transforms the Process

The RightSpotpH® Indicator utilizes an ingenious gastric pH testing method to provide rapid, reliable confirmation that feeding tubes are correctly positioned in the stomach. This fully enclosed system measures acidity levels through a small tube temporarily inserted into existing NG or OG tubes immediately after insertion.

Within seconds, the built-in visual indicator displays unambiguous color-coded results showing if the tube is safely positioned in the acidic stomach environment rather than the neutral pH of lungs or intestines. RightSpotpH® brings this quick, easy point-of-care confirmation directly to the patient’s bedside.

By eliminating delays associated with x-rays or lab aspirate tests, RightSpotpH® allows immediate repositioning if needed, dramatically enhancing patient safety. This testing approach also increases healthcare provider productivity and confidence during insertions by providing actionable feedback on placement before initiating feeding.

Prioritizing Patient & Provider Safety

Patient and provider safety guides every aspect of our RightSpotpH® design. The fully enclosed system safeguards both parties from dangerous exposure when handling gastric contents during aspirate tests.

Additionally, new ENFit compatibility allows the indicator to integrate directly into NG/OG tubing without bothersome, insecure adapters. This further promotes closed-system safety for patients and staff.

Interested in the RightSpotPH® Indicator?

RightSpotpH® transforms traditional challenges in feeding tube placement confirmation by enabling quick, easy, and reliable gastric pH testing at the point of care. By prioritizing both patient and provider safety through its fully enclosed design and immediate results, RightSpotpH® establishes a new standard of care for safer NG and OG tube insertions.

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FAQs About RightSpotpH® Point-of-Care Testing

How does RightSpotpH® work to reliably confirm placement?

RightSpotpH® detects gastric acidity via pH levels below 5 in the stomach. Higher pH readings indicate incorrect positioning in the neutral lungs or intestines.

What patient populations benefit most from RightSpotpH®?

RightSpotpH is cleared for use across all age ranges – from neonates to pediatrics to adults. Any patient undergoing blind NG or OG tube insertion can benefit.

Is special training required to use RightSpotpH®?

No specialized training or certification is necessary. Simple instructions allow seamless incorporation of RightSpotpH® into existing workflows.

How quickly does RightSpotpH® provide placement results?

One major benefit is the rapid test turnaround. Results display in seconds, allowing immediate confirmation rather than waiting on labs or X-rays.

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