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RightpH: pH Measurement Technology

RightpH solutions are pH measurement technology from RightBio Metrics that 
answers key treatment needs:

"How do we ensure accurate tube placement for eating and suction tubes without losing critical time and spending resources on X-rays?"

"How do we determine the stomach pH level of critically ill patients to accurately provide the best possible treatment?"

In emergency medicine, quick decisions have to be made in treatment environments that often do not permit the use of expensive equipment. While pH measurement has become standard of practice to ensure better treatment, RightpH offers the first safe and efficient technologies for pH measurement.

RightpH is new pH technology that enables clinicians to introduce science into critical decision-making about tube placement and treatment of critically ill patients – based on clean, safe, and accurate metrics. Clinicians can safely reduce uncertainty and enhance outcome – without losing critical time.

For more information click on the product logo

For more information click on the product logo

Gastric acidity verification for NG suction, feeding and PEG tubes to assist in proper placement

RightSpot is a small, non-invasive device that is placed on the end of the tube. When fluid is aspirated into the device, an accurate pH measurement can be made to determine gastric acidity and proper tube placement. RightSpot will give an accurate pH reading that can:

  • Avoid messy and unsafe pH paper measurement
  • Reduce cost of X-rays to determine placement
  • Determine placement instantly, regardless of treatment environment
  • Avoid critical events to enhance clinician certainty

Gastric acidity verification with NG feeding tubes

Leveraging the more advanced technology of the RightLevel indicator, RightSpot Infant enables precise location verification in infants. The device is similar to RightSpot, but is smaller, provides even more precise pH level indication and is effective in obtaining accurate gastric pH readings on patients with reduced gastric fluid. These pH readings can:

  • Decrease X-rays on infants
  • Enable precise placement verification in infants
  • Increase certainty of placement at every feeding