NG Tube Placement for Homecare

Using pH to Confirm NG/OG Tube Placement is Evidenced-Based Best Practice

Immediate confirmation of gastric acidity for NG/OG tube placement, without exposure to x-ray or visits to the Emergency Department.

In 2005 and 2010, 45% of all cases of harm caused by misplaced NG/OG tubes reported by the United Kingdom’s National Patient Safety Agency were due to misinterpreted X-rays.

RightSpotpH® and RightSpotpH® SmallBore

No Special Equipment Needed

  • At RightBio Metrics, we recognize that the landscape of healthcare is continually changing, with more services moving out of traditional hospital settings and into patients’ homes. As part of our commitment to revolutionizing patient care, our RightSpotpH® Indicator has been designed with this shift in mind, offering a reliable solution for checking NG tube placement in homecare settings.
  • The RightSpotpH® Indicator is straightforward to use, enabling caregivers to check NG tube placement quickly and accurately without any need to leave the patient’s home. This not only enhances patient safety but also improves the efficiency of homecare delivery.
  • Now available with ENFit Connectors.
  • No unnecessary radiation exposure involved.
  • Reimbursement may be available for RightSpotpH® Indicators with CPT Code 83986QW if your hospital is reimbursed for bedside glucose testing.

With RightBio Metrics’ RightSpotpH®, RightSpotpH® SmallBore, and RightSpotpH® ENFit devices, you can confidently ensure correct NG tube placement at home for a loved one or a patient in your care. Our team prioritizes the safety of individuals of all ages, from newborns to adults, by preventing aspiration pneumonia. With our user-friendly device, you can “lose the whoosh” and trust in accurate results for NG placement verification.

The RightSpotpH Indicator, used to safely and accurately check NG tube insertion and orogastric tube placement

We invite you to read the growing body of evidence that supports using pH to confirm gastric tube placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

The RightSpotpH Indicator is a device designed to quickly and accurately verify the placement of NG/OG tubes by assessing gastric pH. In a homecare setting, it offers caregivers and patients a reliable method to ensure the tube is correctly placed without the need for frequent hospital visits.

Ensuring correct tube placement in homecare is vital to prevent complications like aspiration, which can be life-threatening. The RightSpotpH Indicator provides a straightforward verification method suitable for home use.

The RightSpotpH Indicator is designed for simplicity and ease of use, making it ideal for homecare settings. Even without extensive medical training, caregivers can use it confidently to confirm tube placement.

By allowing for quick and non-invasive verification of tube placement, the RightSpotpH Indicator eliminates the need for uncomfortable and frequent re-insertions, enhancing overall patient comfort at home.

Yes, by reducing the need for repeated hospital visits and potential complications from misplacement, the RightSpotpH Indicator offers a cost-effective solution for tube verification in homecare.

Safety is paramount in homecare. The RightSpotpH Indicator offers a rapid and reliable verification method, minimizing the risks associated with incorrect tube placement and ensuring patients receive the intended care without complications.

While traditional methods often require more specialized training or frequent hospital visits, the RightSpotpH Indicator simplifies the process. By directly assessing gastric pH, it provides caregivers and patients in homecare with immediate, accurate results, eliminating the ambiguity often associated with other methods.

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