Come See RightBio Metrics at NANN's 39th Annual Conference

The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) is a professional organization that represents the interests of neonatal nurses across the United States. The organization’s annual conference is a gathering of neonatal nurses, healthcare professionals, and researchers who come together to share knowledge and expertise in the field of neonatal nursing. This year, their 39th Annual Conference will be held Sept. 26-28th in Anaheim, CA.

The RightBio Metrics team will be attending this year as well at booth #302, as the safety of neonatal patients is one of our top priorities. Neonates are especially vulnerable to harm caused by incorrect placement of NG tubes, and published studies report that up to 56% of feeding tubes placed in neonatal patients are not in their intended location. Now, pH is the emerging US/Global Standard for confirming NG/OG tube gastric placement in the NICU. We will continue to stand behind this initiative and do what we can to phase out unnecessary, inaccurate, and/or potentially dangerous methods of NG tube placement confirmation, such as auscultation (the whoosh test). Come see how RightSpotpH Indicators can reduce Non Ventilator-Healthcare Acquired Pneumonia (NV-HAP) by identifying feeding tubes outside the stomach. This especially occurs as a crying infant forces a tube to become dislodged to the esophagus; resulting in feedings or medications entering the lungs. 

The RightBio Metrics RightSpotpH Indicator offers a method of NG/OG tube placement confirmation that is simple, cost-effective, and safe for patients and providers compared to more traditional methods. Learn more about best practice with RightSpotpH Indicators at our NANN booth, or feel free to get in touch with us today for more information.

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